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Dream World Robotics Class for Kids Setapak KL for 5 years and above

Dream World Robotics Class for Kids Setapak KL is using ROBOTIS Kidslab program as our teaching methodology of robotics class for kids. And ROBOTIS Kidslab is a set of educational solutions that use robotics as a thread to work the skills and competencies, such as critical thinking, problem solving skill, creativity & leadership that kids today need tomorrow. Since our Robotics class for kids program is utilizing ROBOTIS Kidslab syllabus, it is divided into different stages that coalesce from pre-school to university.

Our Robotics Class for Kids Program is divided as below:

Robotics Class for Kids Setapak KL for 5+, ROBOTIS PLAY is the motorized re configurable and educational toy that encourages children. It is designed with colorful parts and it consists of more then 30 models of animals and dinosaurs for the kids to explore in terms of mechanical arena. In this kits, your kid’s motor skill and mechanical understanding is trained thru the fine assembling process. further there are two sizes of pieces: Compatible DREAM (small) and the largest and easier for smaller, Big PLAY, which create more attraction to kids.

Robotics Class for Kids Setapak KL for 8+, ROBOTIS DREAM is the system of educational robotics kits in 4 scalable levels to learn mathematics, science concept, technology concept, engineering application and computer programming. Your kids are guided thru concept introduction ,structured step by step procedure on building up a physical robot and hands-on software programming to give life to a robot’s function. Through this interesting process, your kids are trained in a fun and challenging environment, which will stimulate their creativity and scientific thinking.

Robotics Class for Kids Setapak KL for 10+, ROBOTIS STEM is a scalable systematically organized 2 levels in 2 kits to learn to apply science, technology, engineering and mathematics in secondary education from 16 robots. In this detailed and advance robotics parts, such as precise motors and multiple channel controller, your kids are required to carries out innovative projects and challenges. In this level, your kids are more focus on application of the basic they learnt Dream Sets. As a summary, your kids will gain more understanding of applied science and ICT/software programming.

Robotics CLass for Kids Setapak KL for 12+, ROBOTIS MINI Darwin is the endearing humanoid robot in kit for mounting Open Source, with 3D printable parts that is programmable from Windows, iOS and Android, and with 16 tiny and powerful digital servos Dynamixel XL-320. In this kits, your kids will explore to more detail and thorough software programming which is related to artificial intelligence. Your kids will program the robot in a way that the robot could function independently by making decision on his own. Further, since your kids are provided with more powerful technology devices – sensors, motors and controller, complicated movement mechanism will be explored as well.

Robotics Class for Teenages Setapak KL for 14+, ROBOTIS PREMIUM is a kit of educational robotics hobby and Do-It-Yourself. In this level, your kids are open to explore their imagination and creativity on building their own robots (inc. Humanoids). Your kids are required to applied all the knowledge they learnt in the beginning. Since all the devices are more complicated (such as powerful digital servos 18 Dynamixel AX-12A and sensors), problem and issues will be the frequent challenges in this level. As a result, your kids will sharpen their trouble shooting skills and problem solving skills in order to improve their own robots with more mobility and intelligence. Interesting!!

Robotics Class for Teenages Setapak KL for 15+, ROBOTIS GP Grand-Prix is the humanoid robot star in various competitions and struggles of robots. When your kids reached this level, they are equipped with enormous knowledge and experience on applied science and software programming. In this level, your kids are given intensive for building robots to participate in competitions. They are 100% focus on application of science, technology, engineering and programming. 

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